Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do You Bosu?

After work today I headed to a local gym to get a workout in while I let traffic die down. The group fitness class being offered when I arrived was "Bosu Bootcamp".

All I knew about Bosu was that it involved a large ball.

As it turns out Bosu is so much more than I expected! You can use the Bosu Ball to get a total body workout in a short period of time. 

We started out doing some cardio step with the ball, like this:

We got our hearts pumping and added some squats and lunges. After just ten minutes my legs were burning! 

Our legs got a reprieve when we moved to the floor and worked our arms with the Bosu Ball, like this:

Then we worked our abs by using the ball like this:

and this:

All of my muscles were so tired by the end of the workout but I felt great! Because the Bosu Ball challenges your balance, your muscles and your core have to stay engaged throughout the workout. Even though I am totally going to be feeling this class tomorrow, I really enjoyed it. I checked out Bosu online and it looks like there are a lot of ways to vary your workout and target different muscle groups. I can't wait to try it again!

 Today's Question: Do you Bosu? What other trendy workouts have you experimented with and been pleasantly surprised with the results?

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