Monday, January 10, 2011

Farm Fresh Sunday

On Saturday night I went out for cocktails for a friend's birthday to a swanky Beverly Hills lounge. The lounge was full of chic people and quirky decor. My scene is not usually so fancy but it is fun to pretend every once in awhile!

I ended up going to bed WAY past my bedtime and as a result slept through most of Sunday morning. When I finally got my sleepy self up and moving, my husband and I decided to take a lazy Sunday trip to the LA Farmer's Market.

I absolutely love shopping for produce at farmer's markets and the LA Farmer's Market is my favorite because it is like a miniature city! Located in the heart of West Hollywood, the LA Farmer's Market is a maze of food vendors and ethnic eateries.

We stopped for a late breakfast (brunch?) at The French Crepe Company where I ordered a savory L'Opera crepe filled with avocado, tomato, swiss cheese, egg and onion with a side of greens. It was light but very filling.

I went a little overboard as I wandered through the produce vendors- everything looked so juicy and delicious I couldn't resist!

Last night I cooked a farmer's market fajita feast with black beans, adobo chile, onion, jalapeno, bell pepper, green chile, cilantro, tomato, avocado, black olive and mushroom. All of the veggies were delicious but I was a little heavy handed with the habanero sauce and spent a lot of my meal with watery eyes, reaching for my drink!

Today's Question: Sometimes I am intimidated by the unfamiliar produce at the farmer's market because I am unsure how to prepare it. What is the most adventurous new food item you've attempted? How did it turn out?


  1. Oh how I wish I was in LA to have some yummy farmers market produce! I am really starting to miss all the fresh flavors! The most adventurous new food item I've had recently was an artichoke, it sounds silly but i really had never had one unprepared before! It was pretty good but I think I could have cooked it a little more. I actually wrote a post about it if you are interested!

  2. There's a fantastic grocery store just down the street from us with TONS of produce, so Andrew and I have gotten really creative these last few months - we cook with kale, persimmons, broccolini and probably 12 different kinds of peppers. Andrew likes to make stuff up, but I usually google a recipe. We're rarely disappointed. Cooking is a blast!

  3. Thanks for sharing Czesia- I will check out your artichoke experience! I love artichoke! Wow Kels, I don't even know what broccolini is! What did you do with it??